Really Real Resources, Point Glow, Brand pack, Design agency

Really Real Resources

Really Real Resources is a high-quality stock photography website, that focuses on challenging the stigma surrounding people with disabilities. All the pictures taken through Really Real Resources are ethically done and vetted to make sure everything is sourced correctly and fairly.

I was brought on board to develop a brand pack, social media pack and to create some interesting social media posts to raise awareness of the brand.

Services: Brand pack, Social media pack, Custom illustrations

Social media

I created a social media pack to be used in conjunction with the stunning photos from the library. Due to the nature of the company they really wanted the images to speak for themselves but they needed elements covering the images as the images are the source of income for the company.

I struck a balance of showing the impact of the pictures with messages and slight modifications to the images.

I made designs for square and a rectangular format depending on what social media platform they would be displayed on.

Custom illustrations

Dogs are a huge part of the branding for Really Real Resources. As a change of pace from the usual posts I was asked to draw some lighter cartoons featuring dogs, in order to show a more fun side to the comapny and the work they do.

Really Real Resources, Point Glow, Design agency, Dog cartoon
Really Real Resources, Point Glow, Design agency, Jurrasic Bark