The Zappz Family consists of: – An apprenticeship search engine website, – A recruitment agency, – An online learning portal.

Services: Logo Design, Stationery Pack, Social media pack, Brand pack, Website


The logo for Zappz was created ahead of time. My role was to help in the development of two new logos for and They had to have the pre-existing Zappz logo in the design but also show they were a different business and service. In addition, I was to:

  • Develop a brand pack for the Zappz brand
  • Develop the website for
  • Create a social media template pack for the Zappz brand
  • Create business cards and a stationery pack to be used across the Zappz brand.

They requested cool branding, and to showcase a bright colour palette.


My initial Logo Design for (the recruitment agency) and (the online learning portal). I kept the logo the same for brand recognition but changed the colours and added additional logos briefly displaying the qualities and services of the different companies.

Social Media

Using the designs and feel outlined in the brand pack, I designed a series of social media templates that can be used with different pictures and accompanying content. They wanted all the social media to appeal to 25 to 35 year olds and have a cool feel to it.

I made designs for square and a rectangular format depending on what social media platform they would be displayed on.